We're happy that there is a wide interest in organization of events for DataEd. These are the members of our team:

Advisory Board Members

  • Michelle Hoda Wilkerson, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Zachary Ives, Department Chair and Adani President's Distinguished Professor of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Shriram Krishnamurthi, Professor of Computer Science, Brown University.
  • Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist, data.world.
  • Julia Stoyanovich, Associate Professor, NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Organizing team

Efthimia Aivaloglou

Fenia Aivaloglou (PhD, University of the Aegean) is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Education and Learning of Delft University of Technolgy. Her research work is on computing education. Her research interests include teaching approaches, informal and lifelong education, and gender diversity, and she is currently focusing on data education and collaborative learning.


George Fletcher

George Fletcher (PhD, Indiana University Bloomington) is a Professor of Computer and Data Science at TU/e, where he chairs the Database Group of the Data and Artificial Intelligence Cluster. His research interests span social aspects of data systems, query language design and engineering, foundations of databases, and data integration. His current research focus is on data education and graph data management.


Daphne Miedema

Daphne Miedema (MSc, Eindhoven University of Technology) is a doctoral candidate at TU/e in the Database Group. She obtained a double MSc in Computer Science and Engineering and Human-Technology Interaction in 2019. Her research is located on the intersection of Databases and HTI, applied to education. Daphne's current research interests include query language education, visual query representations and (mis)conceptions.